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ObamaCare To Raise Premiums In Colorado
NRCC | August 19, 2013

Add Colorado to the list of states where premiums are set to rise thanks to ObamaCare.

The Hill reported today that residents in the Centennial State who buy the least expensive policy available will see their premiums rise by approximately 140 percent.

According to The Hill:

“A 27-year-old non-smoker would pay $135 per month next year for the state’s cheapest catastrophic plan — the skimpiest level of coverage available through the healthcare law’s new insurance exchanges.

That’s about 140 percent more than the cheapest policy on the market today.

‘The lowest price for a 30-year-old non-smoker in Colorado is currently about $56 per month, according to data complied by the Congressional Budget Office.

‘Despite differences in key factors, such as coverage levels and out-of-pocket costs, many healthcare analysts pay particular attention to the premiums for bargain-basement policies because getting young, healthy consumers into the system is key to the law’s success.”

We’ve seen this in state after state so far this year. Premiums are rising across the country and President Obama’s government takeover of healthcare is to blame.

In fact, former CO Speaker Andrew Romanoff is running for Congress as an avowed supporter of ObamaCare. In 2010, he even said it didn’t go far enough and proposed a single-payer government option.

Shockingly, some Democrats want to double-down on disaster and install even more government intrusion into the law. That’s just too big a risk to take.

Stand with the NRCC today. Young people in Colorado cannot afford a 140 percent increase in premiums and all residents simply can’t afford Andrew Romanoff in Washington.

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