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A Million Dollar Bus Can’t Buy You Buffalo Love…
NRCC | August 22, 2013

So the President is riding in on a million-dollar bus to my hometown of Buffalo, New York today to give… wait for it… another campaign speech.

Having a million-dollar bus hasn’t made life any easier for the President and House Democrats this year. It’s been a struggle to defend the ObamaCare train wreck, countless scandals and a struggling economy. Of course his Queen City speech will be filled with more empty rhetoric and more promises of hope and change that will never come true. Buffalonians have heard this all before and won’t be fooled this time around.

As a native Buffalonian, I know that people in Buffalo want direct answers – so I hope the President is meeting with the Wegmans employees who are losing their benefits because of ObamaCare or the students who just graduated and want to stay in Western New York but can’t find jobs.

But will the President be doing any of that? Probably not, because it won’t fit on the teleprompter.

Buffalo’s motto is the city of good neighbors so while his friends on MSNBC had trouble locating Buffalo, I would be happy to point out some accurate places for the President to visit on his trip like – WegmansMighty TacoLaNovaAnderson’sTed’s just to name a few of our outstanding food options.

So while we welcome the publicity for something other than snow and super bowl losses, a million-dollar bus won’t buy you Buffalo love Mr. President.



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