4 Years Later, Empty Promises In Obama’s Speech Meeting Harsh Reality

September 9, 2013

Four years ago today, President Obama took to a joint session of Congress to sell the American people on his government takeover of healthcare.

He first told us nothing would change if we already had insurance.

Then he said it wouldn’t add a dime to the deficit.

With the reality of ObamaCare upon us, we’re seeing just how empty President Obama’s promises really are.

No $12 million ad buy can cover this up…

WTVF-TV: “CoverTN To End Because Of Affordable Care Act”

“Randall Gordon runs a CPA firm from home and is used to figuring out complicated problems for his clients, but a letter he just received from the state presents something he doesn’t know how to solve.

‘CoverTN will not be available starting January, 1st 2014,’ he read Friday.

‘In 2006, then-Governor Phil Bredesen signed CoverTennessee into law giving thousands of people not purged off TennCare access to some type of health care. It not only helped small business owners, but also struggling families and children.

‘Fast forward to today the state says the looming Affordable Care Act means the program has to go away because it doesn’t meet new federal guidelines that begin January 1st.

‘16,000 Tennesseans are currently enrolled.”