DCCC Chair Steve Israel Slams Fellow Democrats On Syria, One Day After Telling Them To Vote Their Conscience

September 12, 2013

It seems Democrat Steve Israel will stop at nothing to politicize the situation in Syria. Just one day after urging his colleagues to vote their conscience, he was out on national television criticizing Republicans and throwing his own fellow Democrats under the bus for not supporting the use of force.

While appearing on Martin Bashir yesterday he agreed with Bashir’s criticism of Republicans for supporting 2003’s Syria Accountability Act, while opposing the use of force ten years later. That also means that he was slamming many of his fellow Democrats such as Minnesota’s Collin Peterson, Utah’s Jim Matheson, and California’s Barbara Lee. They also voted for the bill, while opposing military action.

Chairman Israel is criticizing Republicans for something his own colleagues did. It’s the height of hypocrisy and exactly why voters are fed up with Washington D.C.

It appears something is only above politics as long as Democrats need it to be. When the time comes to pander on MSNBC, folks like Steve Israel are more than happy to throw members of their own party under the bus.