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Middle Class Americans Are Feeling the ObamaCare Strain Thanks to Skyrocketing Premiums
NRCC | September 12, 2013

It’s no surprise to any of us that the ObamaCare stories of struggle, frustration, and financial uncertainty continue to roll in. It’s unacceptable that they do – but they just won’t stop. And there’s no relief in sight.

This week, it was reported by The Associated Press that even though ObamaCare and its health exchange program could provide relief to certain Americans, the ones that it will be hurting the most are our country’s middle class.

AP showcased the story of the Wolf family in Texas – a hard working, middle class family with three children. Their current annual premium runs about $7,800.

However, under ObamaCare, they are unable to qualify for the tax credits that are helping less fortunate people in our country afford coverage. That means that when ObamaCare is fully implemented, their health care costs will almost double and run them almost $15,000 a year.

“When all is said and done, we live well, but there is no money left over,” Steve Wolf said. “Any increase in health insurance costs will create a financial strain.

ObamaCare is costing everyday Americans more than they can afford – and it’s time to put an end to it. Higher costs, skyrocketing premiums, and financial stress on hard working families is not something that everyday families should have to face.

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