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Convicted child molester headlines Martha Robertson Fundraiser
NRCC | September 13, 2013

According to the Buffalo News, Congressional Candidate Martha Robertson (NY-23) is having a campaign fundraiser that will be headlined by convicted child molester Peter Yarrow, who pleaded guilty to molesting a 14 year old girl. He was 31 at the time.

And apparently Robertson doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that – she won’t even answer questions about it. Pathetic and disgusting are the words that immediately come to mind.

Clearly Robertson is more concerned with making a few dollars for her campaign than she is in showing any sense of decency and integrity by cancelling a fundraiser with a child molester.

Talk about a lack of character.

NRCC Comment: “The fact that Martha Robertson would bring in a convicted child molester to headline her fundraiser shows just how different her values are from those of hard working southern New York families. Robertson owes voters an explanation as to why she doesn’t have the character or moral compass to cancel a campaign event with someone who molested a 14-year old girl.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior



Zremski, Jerry, Reed’s opponent under fire for booking Yarrow at fundraiser, Buffalo News (9/12/13)

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