The DCCC’s no good, very bad week

September 13, 2013

Hey there –

Well it’s fitting that today is Friday, September 13th given the bad week of headlines the DCCC has had…

DCCC faces backlash over primary endorsements

Roll Call: DCCC Taking Sides in 2014 Primaries “House Democrats are taking a calculated risk to help some candidates in contested, open primaries this cycle — despite the potential blowback that could come down the line…The DCCC’s strategy marks the first time a House campaign committee has publicly helped candidates in contested primaries since Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ran the DCCC in 2006. Then an Illinois congressman, Emanuel handpicked his recruits — often angering his party’s base in the process.”

DCCC’s get dragged into Rep. Garcia’s voter fraud scandal which is being investigated by the FBI

Miami Herald: DCCC mailers boosted faux Miami Tea Party candidate now under FBI investigation “Roly Arrojo, a phony former Tea Party congressional candidate now under federal investigation, barely received any votes in 2010, but it wasn’t for lack of trying by Democrats quietly propping him up. A top advisor of current U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia secretly orchestrated an Arrojo mailer during the campaign, a consultant recently told the FBI and Miami Herald. Garcia said he had no knowledge of the potentially unlawful activity to fraudulently disguise campaign spending. Beyond Garcia’s campaign, Arrojo received even more help from the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which sent two more batches of mailers.”

DCCC Chairman embarrassingly says he “not losing sleep over our defense at all
Cook Political Report Has 8 Democrat Held Seats In Toss Up And Only One Republican Held Seat In Toss Up: “It’s still early, but there aren’t nearly enough Republican seats at risk for Democrats to make a case for the majority. In fact, with eight Democratic-held seats and just one Republican-held seat in the Toss Up column…Plus, Democrats can’t ignore the 29 seats they need to defend in the Lean and Likely Democratic columns.”

Plus Chairman Israel continues to politicize the situation in Syria, he even goes so far as to slam fellow Democrats on the issue.

Is it just bad luck? Or bad strategy?