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White House Calls Emergency Meeting To Address Unions’ ObamaCare Complaints, Small Business’ Complaints Still Ignored
NRCC | September 13, 2013

The Associated Press’ Sam Hananel is reporting that the White House is sitting down with the leaders of big labor today to try and assuage their concerns over the implementation of ObamaCare.

This week has been dominated by news that unions across the country—including the influential AFL-CIO—are becoming strongly opposed to the law.

It’s remarkably telling that big labor gets the White House’s immediate attention while small businesses get ignored.

This type of favoritism and backroom dealing has been a hallmark of ObamaCare from the beginning. To even get the plan passed, Democrats had to rely on the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase”—hundreds of millions in additional Medicaid funds sent to states of Democrat lawmakers who were thinking of voting for the plan.

ObamaCare is not only a disastrous law, but it’s also indicative of a time in Washington where there was complete Democratic control and inside deals were struck without any regard to constituents back home.

We cannot let those days come back. Our Republican majority in the House is our last line of defense.

Stand against the backroom deals that were the hallmark of the Obama-Pelosi era and stand with the NRCC as we look to grow our Republican majority.


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