You Won’t Believe How Low The ObamaCare Sign Up Rates Were

October 3, 2013

After all the glitches, errors, frustrations and failures that characterized the first day of the ObamaCare launch, Democrats eagerly argued that the immense popularity of the exchanges was to blame!

But a closer look at Tuesday’s traffic numbers – compared to how many Americans actually signed up – paints a starkly different picture.

In California, for example, only 0.58% of website visitors registered for ObamaCare within the first day – that’s less than one percent out of more than 712,000 visits.

Connecticut, which had 28,000 visitors, enrolled just 167 applicants – or 0.59%.

And New York had a conversion rate of just 0.32%.

ObamaCare is raising health care costs for Americans and stretching bureaucratic red tape around them and their doctor, while reducing access and limiting choices – it’s no wonder Americans looked at ObamaCare on its first day and said “no thanks.”

Read more from the Daily Mail:

“As President Obama’s signature health insurance overhaul effort began to enroll new participants on Monday, some states running their own insurance exchanges saw huge levels of website traffic but paltry interest in signing up.

“California, the ultimate blue state whose federal lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in support of Obamacare, turned less than 1 per cent of its Web visits into ‘Covered California’ participants on Tuesday…

“…New York Department of Health executive director Donna Frescato said in a statement that ‘more than 12,000 business owners and individuals from across the state have shopped online for low-cost health insurance plans … and the site has received nearly 30 million web visits.

“A spokesman didn’t respond to a request for clarification about whether those 12,000 people completed applications for health coverage. If they did, and if each ‘web visit’ corresponded to a New Yorker who saw 8 pages, the state’s enrollment rate would be the lowest of all – 0.32 per cent.”