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5 Republican House Candidates Who Are Outraising Democrat Members Of Congress
NRCC | October 16, 2013

Republican candidates, across the country, are working hard to bring their message of economic freedom and dismantling ObamaCare to Washington.

Democrats, backed by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and special interests, stand ready to take us back to the days where President Obama had complete liberal control of Washington. Flawed plans, like the stimulus and ObamaCare, that hurt the economy and stunted job growth were made law. While cap and trade came within just a few votes of raising energy taxes on millions of consumers.

That is why it is so crucial we enlarge our Republican majority. But we cannot defeat these entrenched and out-of-touch Democrats without the help of grassroots support.

This third quarter of fundraising was a crucial test for many Republican candidates across the country.

What’s even more impressive is that not only did candidates keep pace with their Democrat counterparts–some even outraised them in resounding fashion.

Here now are 5 Republican House candidates outraising Democrat incumbents:


1. Stewart Mills (MN-08)


Republican Stewart Mills outraised Democrat Congressman Rick Nolan in Minnesota’s 8th district. Mills is a father of 5 and Vice President for Mills Fleet Farm. Nolan returned to the House in January after serving in the 70s. Nolan is completely out-of-touch with Minnesotan and voted repeatedly to against veterans benefits.

MILLS: $243,826

NOLAN: $129,472


2. Mia Love (UT-04)

mia love

For the second straight quarter, Mia Love has outraised Utah Congressman Jim Matheson. Matheson has voted against a balanced budget and for Obama’s wasteful stimulus while in Congress.

LOVE: $592,355

MATHESON: $278,540


3. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26)

carlos curbelo

Curbelo, the son of Cuban exiles, is running to unseat Congressman Joe Garcia. Garcia has been embroiled in a recent scandal involving his staff submitting fraudulent absentee ballots.

CURBELO: $451,931

GARCIA: $410,250


4. Martha McSally (AZ-02)

martha mcsally

McSally is a former Air Force Colonel and the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat. She is running against Arizona Congressman Ron Barber. Barber has been a reliable vote for more spending and Obamacare.

MCSALLY: $358,331

BARBER: $318,584


5. Evan Jenkins (WV-03)

evan jenkins

Jenkins, a former Democrat who was fed up with President Obama and Nick Rahall’s war on coal, is running for Congress in West Virginia’s 3rd district. Jenkins is looking unseat Rahall, who recently voted for the far-left budget that would cripple coal production in the state.

JENKINS: $ 207,285

RAHALL: $158,529

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