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Consumer Reports: “Stay Away From HealthCare.Gov”
NRCC | October 21, 2013

If you’re like most people when contemplating a large purchase, heading to Consumer Reports for guidance is common sense.

You can find reviews on everything from cars to cordless drills—and with it, a long-established reputation in consumer protection.

That’s why it was so eye-opening when the site began telling people to “Stay away from Healthcare.gov for at least another month if you can.”

It adds that it hopes the month will be used by software developers to clean up the gigantic mess that the site has become.

The excerpt comes at the end of a fairly-odd article titled, “How to successfully register for health insurance on HealthCare.gov

It’s beyond telling that a website like Consumer Reports has to list out in detail the same process that many people do intuitively on sites like Google, Amazon, Youtube, or practically any advanced website for that matter.

Can you imagine a “How to successfully register an account on YouTube.com” or “How to sign up for Gmail?”

They’d get laughed at as mundane and obvious. Yet the Obama administration has bungled the site so much, Consumer Reports feels the need to not only detail steps which should be fairly simple, it’s telling people to stay away from the site for the time being.

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