NRCC Calls On House Democrats To Condemn Alan Grayson’s Hateful Imagery

October 22, 2013

Every couple of weeks, Congressman Alan Grayson does or says something so vile and disgusting, you can only wonder how he’s going to top it next.

Well, the member who called a woman a “K street whore” and said Republicans want Americans to “die quickly” is at it again.

In a fundraising email sent last night, Grayson compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan and showed an image where the word “Tea Party” was spelled with a burning cross. Grayson and his legion of demagogues may see no problem with this, but do DCCC Chairman Steve Israel and House Democrats condone it as well?


NRCC COMMENT: “There’s no excuse for the hateful words and imagery used by Congressman Grayson. House Democrats should swiftly and strongly condemn him and return the money he has raised for them. This hate-filled rhetoric has Americans fed up with Washington.” – Matt Gorman, NRCC Spokesman


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