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Democrat Congressman Calls For Mandate Delay, Less Than A Month After Voting Against It
NRCC | October 23, 2013

Colorado Congressman Jared Polis today called for “waivers” from the federal government for his constituents who don’t buy health insurance. ObamaCare mandates that those without insurance will face stiff financial penalties.

Yet, less than month ago Polis voted against a bill that would delay the law’s individual mandate for one year.

It’s Democratic hypocrisy at its finest. Polis wants a waiver for his own constituents, but doesn’t think the rest of the American people should get one.

It’s not a matter of politics. It’s a matter of simple fairness.

Polis should be ashamed of himself. Who does he think he is? Coloradans—as well as all Americans—are tired of him and other Washington politicians picking winners and losers.

ObamaCare’s rollout has been a complete disaster. Yet Democrats refuse to recognize reality and are voraciously holding on to the failed law.

We need your help to continue to hold them accountable.

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