8 ObamaCare Horror Stories about the Longest Wait Times for HealthCare.gov

October 28, 2013

There have been so many stories of frustrated users struggling to access the ObamaCare website that we’ve started wondering: who holds the record for the longest time spent trying to get through a failing website?

From what we’ve found so far, Mary Noble from Politix.com holds the record for longest time spent waiting on ObamaCare – 23 straight days. If you’ve had a difficult time logging onto ObamaCare or have faced its glitches first hand, share your story with us here, and we may add it in.

In the meantime, check out these 8 scariest HealthCare.gov horror stories.

1. “Three weeks”

Jennie Johnson from Missouri City, Texas, has been trying for “three weeks” to access HealthCare.gov. She eventually decided to take President Obama’s advice and check out her insurance options by phone, but only got a few steps in before being told she had to return to the broken website.

2. “Every day for three consecutive weeks” 

David Harrison from Tennessee has attempted to enroll into ObamaCare every day for three consecutive weeks. Not only is he being forced to jump through the glitches to enroll in a health care plan, but some of the plans he is eligible for are more expensive than he was hoping for.

3. “Two weeks” 

Elizabeth Cohen, a reporter for CNN, writes that for two weeks straight she tried to access HealthCare.gov, only to be greeted by error messages. Cohen even tried logging on at 3 am on sunday morning, only to be told by the site that the system was down.

4. “Three weeks”

Patricia from North Carolina has been “trying for three weeks to see what ObamaCare offers without success.” Her current health plan has been cancelled thanks to ObamaCare, and yet she has not been able to sign on to browse a potential replacement.

5. “23 days later” 

Mary Noble, an editor at Politix.com, wrote that “for the last 23 days I’ve tried and abjectly failed to create an account on Healthcare.gov.”

6. “Upwards of 25, 30 hours”

John Tankersley from Indianapolis tried to sign up for ObamaCare shortly after the website launched, but was met with a wall of glitches and errors. He says he has spent upwards of  25 to 30 hours just trying to navigate the website.

7. “40 attempts over 11 days” 

A New York Times researcher tried 40 different times over 11 days to log into HealthCare.gov.

8. “I have to call back– in one to three weeks.” 

CNN reporter Danielle Dellorto wrote that, after trying to access ObamaCare by using the phone hotline, she was told she had to call back “in one to three weeks.” That’s because the call center that the President recommended frustrated users try can’t actually process applications.