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Illinois Democrat Ann Callis Trying To Hide The Real Reason She Is Running For Congress – Nancy Pelosi
NRCC | October 28, 2013

Democrat candidate for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District Ann Callis told voters that she WAS NOT approached by Washington Democrats about running for Congress in an August interview with ABC News Channel 20.

Even when asked point blank by the reporter if she was approached to run for Congress Callis said:

Callis: “I took this opportunity to run. It seemed like the right time.”

Reporter: “What was the opportunity?”

Callis: “Well…”

Reporter: “Did somebody come to you and say Ann we’d like you to run against Rodney Davis?”

Callis: “I’m the one who wanted to run against Rodney Davis.”

Reporter: “So you initiated?”

Callis: “I initiated this.”

Reporter: “So you said I want to run and you went to the Democratic committee?”

Callis: “Well yeah it was a give and take.”

Reporter: “Who went to who first?”

Callis: “I, they, I went to them first. I went to them first”

Reporter: “You went to them first?”

Callis: “I went to them first. Yeah.”

Looks like Callis’ story is now being fact checked by her own party today. Check out this blurb from Politico:

“As far back as March, Biden was in New York, telling big donors at the DCCC Issues Conference that the House is “in the way” and “we desperately need you to help elect at least 17 Democrats” — and then met privately with a half dozen of the party’s top prospects to convince them to try to be some of the candidates who could make that happen. Ann Callis, who a month later resigned as a local judge to run against Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.), was one of the people at the conference, a person familiar with the event confirmed.”

Why would Ann Callis lie about something so small? Is she trying to hide the fact that Nancy Pelosi is her driving force behind her run? Spoiler alert: We already know she is!

Ann Callis is already being dishonest with Illinois families. Whether it’s her reason to run or her loyal support of Nancy Pelosi, Callis has made it clear that she will say and doing anything, even if it’s dishonest, to get elected.





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