7 Most Ridiculous Things Kathleen Sebelius Said At Today’s Hearing

October 30, 2013

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the head orchestrator of ObamaCare, testified before Congress this morning to answer questions about the health law’s failings. Why did the website cost so much? Why are there so many glitches and errors? Why, despite Obama’s promises, are millions of Americans losing their health coverage thanks to ObamaCare?

Sebelius, if anything, only offered more excuses and raised more concerns about just how seriously this White House is taking the full meltdown of ObamaCare. Check out these 7 most ridiculous things that Sebelius said at today’s hearing.


1. “Yes, he is.” 

“Before, during and after the law was passed the president kept saying if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, so is he keeping his promise?” Rep. Marsha Blackburn asked. “Yes, he is,” Secretary Sebelius insisted.

Really, Mrs. Secretary? There are millions of people who disagree.


2. “The website never crashed.” 

“We were anxious to get the website up and running and functional, which we clearly have failed to do to date, although I would suggest the website has never crashed,” Secretary Sebelius testified about HealthCare.gov.

Really? What about the woman who tried every day for 23 days to log onto the website? And what about the fact that although HealthCare.gov did indeed crash just days before the October 1 launch, you decided to proceed with the rollout anyway?


3. “I don’t know.” 

Secretary Sebelius couldn’t tell Rep. Mike Rogers if every piece of code on HealthCare.gov has been security tested. That’s not reassuring.


4. “Whatever.” 

When Rep. Greg Harper asked if President Obama is “ultimately responsible” for ObamaCare’s failures, Sebelius responded with “whatever.”

That’s not a surprising attitude for an Administration that apparently prides itself on keeping its president out of the loop on everything.



5. “No, sir.” 

Rep. Phil Gingrey asked Secretary Sebelius if she would offer a hardship exemption from ObamaCare’s individual mandate for the millions of Americans who are losing their health care plans. “No, sir,” Sebelius responded.

Looks like the millions of Americans who buy insurance on their own are out of luck with this White House.


6. “I am not eligible.” 

When asked by Rep. Cory Gardner why she hasn’t enrolled through a healthcare plan on the ObamaCare exchange, Sebelius responded “I am not eligible.”

Why won’t Secretary Sebelius enroll into the ObamaCare exchange that the law is forcing millions of Americans to enter?


7. “Don’t do this to me.” 

When being pressed as to why she, as the head architect of ObamaCare’s implementation, has not and will not enroll in the ObamaCare exchanges, a frustrated Sebelius said “don’t do this to me.”

That’s precisely what millions of Americans across the country are saying as they open letters of cancellation and find that their health insurance is increasing by hundreds of dollars a month. This White House, however, continues to deny there is a problem, and turns the other cheek.