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The Real Nightmare Before Christmas: ObamaCare
NRCC | November 1, 2013

It’s Christmastime.

The places are set; the candles are lit; the presents are under the tree.

You hear a rumble from the chimney…


Your cousin Eddie who’s had a few too many eggnogs?

Nope, just your friendly neighborhood OFA worker ready to sign you up for ObamaCare.

That’s right, with both the holiday season and Democrats’ desperation upon us, OFA—President Obama’s former campaign organization—is ready to roll out “Healthcare for the Holidays.”

This latest effort to get folks to sign up for ObamaCare comes as the exchange site’s failures continue to mount and Democrats are increasingly worried about their prospects in 2014.

CNN’s Jason Seher describes it as “dedicated to spurring conversations in how to enroll in the…exchanges.”

OFA even provides a web video to go along with the kickoff. Ever the hip organization, they sprinkle it with deft pop culture references like “knowing what you did last summer”—a nod to the Jennifer Love Hewitt teen “slasher” movie that debuted 16 years ago.

Besides referring to movies that premiered the same year President Obama joined the Illinois State Senate, it’s just another attempt for Democrats to sell the American people a bill of goods on this failed law.

The American people know it’s not working and so President Obama’s campaign apparatus is forced to come up with gimmicky tactics to hide the rising premiums and broken promises.

If you unwrap ObamaCare this Christmas, do yourself a favor…return it immediately.


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