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More People Have Done These 10 Things Than Have Signed Up For ObamaCare
NRCC | November 12, 2013

While millions of families are facing tumultuous and expensive cancellations of their health insurance plans thanks to ObamaCare, the White House can’t even manage to sign up more than 50,000 Americans for ObamaCare on HealthCare.gov.

This is an embarrassingly small number for an Administration that has decided canceling families health plans (after it promised not to) and raising the costs of health insurance is not as important as enrolling people into ObamaCare-approved plans.

To help understand just how small this number is, we’ve come up with 10 things that more people have done than have signed up for ObamaCare on HealthCare.gov.

10. More People Are 100 Years Old

According to the 2010 census, America’s population of centenarians – those who are 100 years old or older – was 53,364, a 66% jump from 1980. Not all of us may have the honor of knowing someone who was born before 1913, but believe it or not, there are more people living in the United States who are at least 100 years old than people who have enrolled in ObamaCare through HealthCare.gov.


9. More People Have Signed Up For a One-Way Trip to Mars

This may be hard to believe, but more than 100,000 people have signed up to help colonize Mars. A group called the Mars One project hopes to lead the colonization of the Red Planet starting in 2022, and is encouraging sign ups for a list of people who want to take the one-way trip.

As far-out as that sounds, more people have signed up for that trip than have signed up for HealthCare.gov.


8. More People Live in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Wyoming’s capital and most populous city, Cheyenne, has 61,537 residents. More people call Cheyenne home than have signed up for ObamaCare through HealthCare.gov.


7. More People Attend Jacksonville Jaguars Games

The Jacksonsville Jaguars are one of the worst-performing teams in the NFL this year, but 59,553 fans still pack their stadium on average every game this season. That’s about ten thousand more people than have signed up for ObamaCare on HealthCare.gov.


6. More People Will Receive a Speeding Ticket Today

According to the US Highway Patrol, 112,000 people will receive a speeding ticket at some point today. That’s more than double the number of people who have used HealthCare.gov to sign up for ObamaCare.


5. More People Have Submitted Applications to Guinness World Records

Every year, the Guinness Book of World Records receives an average of 50,000 applications for new broken records. That means that just a few more people have submitted records for largest ocarina ensemble, pillow fights, and smallest living dog (among other things) than have signed up for ObamaCare on the federal exchange.


4. More People Will Buy a Starbucks Coffee Today

This one isn’t even close. Starbucks sells on average more than 10 million cups of coffee per day. That’s enough for each HealthCare.gov enrollee to have 200 cups of coffee per day!


3. More People Remain Unemployed in Chicago

An unacceptably high number of 449,618 people remain unemployed in Chicago, thanks to Obama’s economy. This is almost ten times as many people as have signed up for ObamaCare on HealthCare.gov.


2. More People Live in Greenland

Despite its gigantic size, most of the country of Greenland is blanketed by ice, and its population is just 56,840. That’s still more people than have enrolled through HealthCare.gov.


1. More People Have Lost Their HealthCare Thanks to ObamaCare

We’ve saved the most shocking for last. While less than 50,000 have successfully signed up for ObamaCare through HealthCare.gov, more than 34 million Americans are expected to have their health plans cancelled thanks to ObamaCare. Not only is this absolutely unacceptable, but the President and his Democrats repeatedly promised the American people that this would not happen.









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