Alex Sink’s Obamacare Conundrum

November 14, 2013

Alex Sink decided to run for Congress while President Obama and House Democrats are experiencing severe heartburn with folks across the country thanks to their support of Obamacare.

Seeing Sink herself is a huge supporter of the healthcare law, it’s easy to see why she has been hiding on this issue since announcing her candidacy.

Who can blame her with headlines like these?

Orlando Sentinel: Only 3,500 in Florida successful in Obamacare signup
Tampa Bay Times: Obamacare sign-ups in U.S. and Florida fall even shorter than expected
Tallahassee Democrat: Obamacare will matter next November
The Hill: Vulnerable Dems scramble to keep distance from ObamaCare
Boston Globe: Obama’s health care law roils Democrats
Washington Post: For Obama, loss of trust over health-care law poses major problems for his agenda, legacy
Gallup: Americans’ Approval of Healthcare Law Declines
Roll Call: Democrats Fume at White House Over Affordable Care Act’s Troubles

Alex Sink has already endorsed Obamacare, so what is she to do now? Will she join her Democrat friends in the House and run scared? Or will she explain to Florida families why she continues to support this law when it’s forcing so many Florida families to lose their existing coverage and causing them to pay more?

Regardless of how she tries to spin her support, Obamacare is going to cause major problems for Sink’s electability in 2014.

Alex Sink has made it crystal clear that she will support the President’s healthcare law regardless if Florida families lose their healthcare coverage and are forced to pay more. As CFO of Florida, Sink proved she doesn’t have a problem hurting Floridians but sending Sink to Congress is a risk we just can’t afford.

Alex Sink For Congress