New ABC Poll Gives Obama a Record Low, a Record High, and Finds That He Would Lose to Romney

November 19, 2013

According to the latest Washington Post-ABC poll, President Obama has reached three milestones.


His job approval rating has sunk to the lowest point yet, settling in at a mere 42%, with 55% disapproval.

The President can take solace though. He can also say the poll found a record high for his White House! 57% of voters, the highest the poll has ever reported, say they oppose ObamaCare. Just 40% support it.

The most embarrassing finding for the President though may be that voters, if given the choice to have a mulligan for the 2012 presidential election, would now pick Romney over Obama by 4 points.

As ABC’s George Stephanopoulos put it this morning, these numbers are “brutal” for President Obama. We agree. It’s time for the President to start listening to the millions of Americans who are clamoring for this law to be repealed, and stop making empty promises that he knows he won’t keep.