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The ABC Poll Was Bad For Obama, But This CBS Poll Is Even Worse
NRCC | November 20, 2013

Yesterday’s ABC poll that found President Obama hitting new lows in his presidency was pretty bad. His approval rating sunk to 42%, the lowest ever for that poll, while opposition to ObamaCare spiked to a record high of 57%. It even found that, if the 2012 election were held today, Mitt Romney would beat Obama by 4-points.

This CBS poll, however, is even worse.

According to CBS, only 37% approve of President Obama’s job performance, a nine point drop in just one month. A whopping 61% oppose ObamaCare, and only 7% believe the law is “working well.”

You put up a good fight, Mr. President, but the American people are making it clear: it’s time to give up on ObamaCare. Your healthcare law is a train wreck.

From CBS:

President Obama’s job approval rating has plunged to the lowest of his presidency, according to a new CBS News poll released Wednesday, and Americans’ approval of the Affordable Care Act has dropped it’s lowest since CBS News started polling on the law.

Thirty-seven percent now approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president, down from 46 percent in October — a nine point drop in just a month. Mr. Obama’s disapproval rating is 57 percent — the highest level for this president in CBS News Polls.

A rocky beginning to the opening of the new health insurance exchanges has also taken its toll on how Americans perceive the Affordable Care Act. Now, approval of the law has dropped to 31 percent – the lowest number yet recorded in CBS News Polls, and a drop of 12 points since last month. Sixty-one percent disapprove (a high for this poll), including 46 percent who say they disapprove strongly.

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