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New NRCC Web Video Targets Alex Sink On ObamaCare
NRCC | November 20, 2013

Democrat Congressional Candidate In Florida’s 13th District Is A Risk We Can’t Afford

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a paid web video today targeting Florida’s 13th Congressional District Democratic candidate Alex Sink. Sink, who has outwardly supported ObamaCare and its high taxes, skyrocketing premiums and reduced access to health care for women and children, is the wrong choice for Florida’s hardworking families. Her record of wasting taxpayers’ money over the years as CFO of Florida is lengthy, and it’s clear that she has no plan on stopping her record of wastefulness if she heads to Congress.

Along with the paid web video, the NRCC is targeting Sink with paid online ads targeted towards women in Pinellas County. The ads will direct voters to www.SinkforCongress2014.com which is a website that details Sink’s dismal record.

“Alex Sink has made it clear that her number one priority is advancing President Obama’s train wreck healthcare law, rather than protecting Florida women and their families,” said NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Prill. “Sink’s blatant support of ObamaCare – even though it is causing Floridians to lose their healthcare coverage – is unconscionable. It’s clear that Sink cares more about protecting government than protecting Florida families.”

The script for the ad is below:

ANNOUNCER: Alex Sink wants us to send her to Congress but her support of ObamaCare is hurting me and my family.

Sink stood with President Obama when he said we could keep our health care plan, but that’s simply not true.

My healthcare provider already told me that I would lose my coverage.

Trying to sign up on the website has been impossible.

Did you know that less than 3% of Floridians have been able to sign up successfully for new coverage through Obamacare?  

That means hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors, like me, have lost their coverage and have had no luck getting new coverage.

Why would Alex Sink support a law that makes it harder for us in Florida to have healthcare?

Thanks to Alex Sink’s support of ObamaCare, up to 500,000 children could be left without health coverage while costing some families thousands of dollars.

As a woman and as a grandmother, I can’t understand why Alex Sink wants to hurt me and my family all because she won’t stand up to President Obama.

Alex Sink for Congress

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