Not So Smooth After All: After Administration’s Own Deadline, ObamaCare Website Still Not Working

December 2, 2013

  • Over a month ago, the Obama administration promised the disastrous ObamaCare website would finally be working properly.

  • In the weeks since their prediction, they’ve repeatedly sought to redefine what it means for the website to “work.”

  • After two months of chronic technical failures and despite what the White House says, both the website and the law as a whole are unabashed disasters.

  • The administration still can’t get its act together—even by their own deadline. Voters are sick and tired of the excuses and will hold Democrats accountable next November.


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Even After The White House’s Deadline, The Site Still Isn’t “Fixed.” “”Insurers said they had received calls from consumers requesting insurance cards because they thought they had enrolled in a health plan through the federal website, but the insurers said they had not been notified. ‘Somehow people are getting lost in the process,’ the insurance executive said. ‘If they go to a doctor or a hospital and we have no record of them, that will be very upsetting to consumers.’” (Robert Pear And Reed Abelson, “Insurers Claim Health Website Is Still Flawed,” New York Times, 12/1/13)

Insurers And Some States Are Still Working To Find Ways Around The Site. “Insurers and some states are continuing to look for ways to bypass the balky technology underpinning the health-care law despite the Obama administration’s claim Sunday that it had made ‘dramatic progress’ in fixing the federal insurance website.” (Louise Radnofsky, Amy Schatz and Spencer E. Ante, “Insurers Seek to Bypass Health Site,” Wall Street Journal, 12/1/13)

NBC News: “Healthcare.Gov Will Work Smoothly By End Of November, Government Pledges” “The troubled federal health insurance website will be fixed by the end of November, giving uninsured Americans two weeks to get signed up in time to have health insurance by the earliest possible date, officials pledged Friday.” (Maggie Fox, “Healthcare.Gov Will Work Smoothly By End Of November, Government Pledges,” NBC News, 10/25/13)

Washington Examiner: “Obama Administration: Healthcare.Gov Will ‘Not Work Perfectly’ Dec. 1” “The Obama administration acknowledged Monday that the problem-ridden website would “not work perfectly,” even after its self-imposed Dec. 1 deadline for fixing the online marketplaces.” (Brian Hughes, “Obama Administration: Healthcare.Gov Will ‘Not Work Perfectly’ Dec. 1,”  Washington Examiner, 11/25/13)

The White Considers 80 Percent Of Users Enrolling To Be Successful. “The Obama administration will consider the new federal insurance marketplace a success if 80 percent of users can buy health-care plans online, according to government and industry officials familiar with the project.” (Amy Goldstein and Juliet Eilperin, “Healthcare.Gov Goal Is For 80% Of Users To Be Able To Enroll For Insurance,” Washington Post, 11/16/13)

ObamaCare’s Exchange Website Has Been Plagued By Repeated “Crashes” and “Slow Response Times.” “The website has been mired in problems since going live Oct. 1, including crashes, slow response times and failing to allow customers to complete the online process by purchasing health insurance.” (“Administration responding to pressure for answers on messy ObamaCare site,” FOX News, 10/21/13)

The Site Has Cost Triple The Original Estimate. “The government contract for the company that built the glitch-prone website for Obamacare has ballooned to three times its original cost, and some Republicans are demanding the resignation of the cabinet secretary who oversees it.”  (Tom Costello and Erin McClam, “Obamacare Glitches: Gov’t Contract For Troubled Site Has Swelled; GOP Targets Sebelius,” NBC News, 10/18/13)