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White House Picks 12 of the the Most Liberal Democrats for their #ObamaCareStrikeTeam
NRCC | December 3, 2013

ObamaCare is in so much trouble that the Democrats have resorted to forming an ObamaCare “strike team” to attempt a defense of the disastrous law.

Judging by the make of of the “strike team,” though, it looks like vulnerable House Democrats aren’t going to touch it – even with a 39 and a half foot pole!

Some of the House Democrats most liberal members are on the response team, including Democrats Jan Schakowsky, Xavier Becerra, Rose DeLauro, and Keith Ellison.

Where are the Democrats like Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-01) and Ron Barber (AZ-02)? What about Nick Rahall (WV-03) or Collin Peterson (MN-07)? These Democrats have all embraced ObamaCare, why don’t they get a spot on the team?

All this “Strike Team” does is remind voters just how unpopular ObamaCare is, and how desperate the Democrats are to find a way to spin this disaster.

From BuzzFeed:

WASHINGTON — As part of the new push from the White House to try and highlight the benefits of Obamacare amid the troubled rollout of the law, a group of House and Senate Democrats are holding daily phone calls with administration officials to coordinate the messaging of the day and serve as a communications “strike team” on the Hill.

The House Democratic team began the calls with the administration three weeks ago, and the Senate joined them this week in putting together a group for the effort, according to a House Democratic aide.

In addition to Israel, members of the House Obamacare response team include Reps. Donna Edwards, Xavier Becerra, Rob Andrews, Rose DeLauro, Jared Polis, Matt Cartwright, Doris Matsui, Keith Ellison, Nydia Valasquez, Jan Schakowsky, and Henry Cueller.

Ann Kirkpatrick for Congress

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