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BREAKING NEWS: President Hires Ron Burgundy to Sell Obamacare
NRCC | December 4, 2013

The rollout of Obamacare has been an absolute disaster for President Obama and House Democrats. Plans are being cancelled, websites aren’t working, and Democrats are running from the fallout. Things are so bad that the President had to create a “strike team” of House and Senate Democrats to sell the law to America.

But this “strike team” is just the beginning of his new PR push. We have learned from our good friend Veronica Corningstone that the President has hired a new, very high profile spokesman to try and defend Obamacare and get the people back on his side. That person? Ron Burgundy. Here’s how we see this happening:

First, President Obama calls the Channel 4 News Team to help him prop up the disaster that is Obamacare:


After all, this is Ron Burgundy. If anyone can save Obamacare it’s him:

Then Ron hires his good friend Brian Fantana to come up with some fancy numbers to prop up Healthcare.gov – There’s nothing Brian can’t do: 


But Ron makes the mistake of letting Brick Tamland talk about the Obamacare implementation:


And let’s just say Brick is probably going to stray from the President’s talking points:


The Channel 4 team gets in hot water when Wes Mantooth realizes that they were misleading the viewers all along about Obamacare:


And things are going to escalate pretty quickly:


But things will really get bad when Ron gets a notice – just like millions of other Americans have received – that his health insurance had been cancelled:


Ron will be confused. After all, President Obama told everyone they could keep their insurance:


And yet this turns out to be just the tip of the iceberg for Ron. Once his viewers find out he misled them, he loses his credibility, News Channel 4′s ratings join President Obama’s ratings in the tank, and Ron loses his job:


Then the great Ron Burgandy will realize – just as tens of millions of Americans have known for years – that ObamaCare was a bad choice:


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