Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC Deceiving Voters to Save Nick Rahall

December 10, 2013

Rahall Pelosi

It looks like Nick Rahall’s alliance with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi is as strong as ever. Need proof? How about the fact that House Majority PAC (which is Pelosi’s SUPER PAC) just launched a blatantly misleading commercial in West Virginia trying to save Rahall from his own anti-coal record.

Beyond the fact that the commercial never mentions Pelosi’s connection to House Majority PAC, here are a couple of things it doesn’t mention.

(1) The same Bluefield Daily Telegraph the commercial cites endorsed Rahall’s opponent, specifically citing his support for a president waging war on coal. Here is what the Telegraph said on 10/28/12:

Bluefield Daily Telegraph, 10/28/12:

“Also troubling is Rahall’s continued and stubborn support for President Barack Obama — despite the administration’s deplorable war on coal. During the editorial board meeting, Rahall said he would support Obama when the president makes decisions that are right for southern West Virginia. However, we can’t think of too many positive things Obama has done for the coalfields of southern West Virginia during his first four years in office. * * * Why not elect a lawmaker who doesn’t send mixed signals when it comes to supporting a president who is waging a senseless war on coal and other fossil fuels? * * * We are under attack in southern West Virginia. And we are falling behind in the 3rd Congressional District.”

(2) The endorsements and positive press that the commercial uses were prior to Rahall’s 2013 vote for a budget that included a $25 per ton carbon tax and a tax on pensions that would gut retired coal miners’ benefits, none of which the ad even attempts to dispute.

NRCC Comment: “While Nick Rahall is desperately trying to deceive voters about his anti-coal record and his alliances with Washington D.C. liberals, Nancy Pelosi’s own Super PAC is airing deceptive ads supporting her loyal ally Rahall. West Virginians deserve better than a Congressman who is bought and paid for by the very special interests that are trying to end West Virginia’s economy as we know it.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior

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