Polling Memo: Obama & Health Care

December 11, 2013

Remember When?

Remember when the economy used to be the worst issue for President Obama?  Well, thanks to his Affordable Care Act that ceases to be the case.

After a disastrous website roll-out, dropped coverage and increasing premiums, new numbers from Quinnipiac show the extent to which voters are fed up with the Obama Administration’s government takeover of health care as a full 62 percent disapprove of the President’s job handling health care.  That includes 68 percent of Independents, 68 percent of men, 55 percent of women,  48 percent of Hispanics, 55 percent of moderates, 54 percent of young voters and 60 percent of seniors.  If that wasn’t enough bad news for the President, twenty five percent of Democrats and 26 percent of liberals also disapprove.

And, with Obama also hitting a record low Presidential job approval of 38 percent, it looks like ObamaCare is forcing the President to reap what he has sown.


POLLSTER: Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D., for Quinnipiac University

DATE: Conducted 12/3-9/2013; Released 12/10/2013

SAMPLE: Sampled 2,692 RVs; MoE ±1.9%

SOURCE: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=1987