NRCC Launches Website Against Vulnerable Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney

January 6, 2014

Website Highlights Tierney’s Partisan Record and Support for Extreme Budget

WASHINGTON – The National Republican Congressional Committee launched a website today targeting Massachusetts Sixth District Congressman John Tierney.

Tierney, who is best known for his family’s involvement in an international criminal gambling ring, has shown himself to be an extreme partisan in Congress who refuses to put his constituents before his angry determination to entrench himself far to the left of mainstream Democrats. The site, housed at, highlights Tierney’s questionable ethics and his support for the Progressive Caucus budget, which has been consistently rejected by a majority of Democrats and criticized by former President Bill Clinton for shipping jobs overseas and leaving Medicare and Social Security vulnerable.

“John Tierney is Washington D.C. gridlock personified,” said NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior. “He continues to oppose bipartisan bills in Congress and instead identifies himself with the hyper-partisan wing of his own party. Massachusetts deserves far better than an ethically challenged Congressman whose claim to fame in Congress is stubbornly trying to advance extreme and damaging policies and walking out of Congressional hearings like a spoiled child when he doesn’t get his way.”


Tierney voted for an extreme budget that couldn’t garner a majority of Democrat support.  (H CON RES 25, AMENDMENT 3, Roll Call #85, 3/20/2013); (H CON RES 34, AMENDMENT 3, Roll Call #274, 4/15/2011).

Even Bill Clinton criticized the budget Tierney voted for as it could ship jobs and tax revenue overseas and would leave Medicare and Social Security vulnerable. (Bill Clinton, Back to Work, pp. 80-81, November 8, 2011).