The House Just Passed An ObamaCare Bill Obama Threatened To Veto – With a Veto-Proof Majority

January 10, 2014

You would think that transparency and security of Americans’ private health information would be an easy bipartisan goal.

But with President Obama in the White House, any change to ObamaCare is apparently unacceptable. Even one that helps protect the personal information of Americans.

The White House recently issued a veto threat of the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act, a bill that would require HHS to notify Americans if their secure information on the ObamaCare exchanges has been compromised. It was an unsurprising move from a White House that has stubbornly refused to allow any changes to its health care law (except, of course, for the delays and extensions that it comes up with itself).

Today, the House passed the Act, and unfortunately for the White House, the bill was approved with a veto-proof majority, 291-122. You know the White House is on shaky ground when even 67 Democrats joined with Republicans to pass this commonsense protection.

President Obama’s veto pen won’t work on this one. Will Harry Reid continue to block and tackle for the President’s failing agenda, or allow a vote on a bill that would protect millions of Americans from ObamaCare fraud?