NRCC Launches Website Against New Jersey Congressional Candidate Bill Hughes, Jr.

January 13, 2014

The National Republican Congressional Committee launched a new website and targeted search ads today against recently announced New Jersey congressional candidate Bill Hughes, Jr. The website, which can be seen here, highlights Hughes Jr.’s career of fighting to keep some of New Jersey’s worst criminals out of jail.

The targeted search ads will direct people searching for more information about Hughes, Jr. to the NRCC’s website which will give the viewer a more accurate picture of Hughes Jr.’s career siding with some of the worst of the worst criminals – a career which includes representing a mobster, a crooked cop, a child pornographer, and an accused human trafficker.

“Bill Hughes Jr. has spent the past decade making big money representing some of the worst criminals in New Jersey – whether it be a dirty cop, an accused human trafficker, corrupt public official, a mobster, or even a child pornographer,” said NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior. “In fact, Hughes Jr. even boasts on his law firm website about all the light sentences that he helped get for convicted criminals. The choice in this election will be very clear – a bipartisan leader and public servant like Congressman LoBiondo, or a criminal defense lawyer like Hughes Jr. who specialized in standing up for the rich, powerful, and criminally corrupt.”

Check out the site by clicking on the screen shot below:

 Bill Hughes Jr. For Congress