10 Tweets That Perfectly Illustrate Just How Damaging House Democrats’ Newest ObamaCare TV Ad Is

January 16, 2014

The liberal House Majority PAC released a new TV ad yesterday defending vulnerable Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-01). The Democrats tell us all the time how ObamaCare will be an asset in 2014 and that they plan to run on it, so we were a little surprised to see that their new TV ad actually bashes ObamaCare in an attempt to save Kirkpatrick!

The ad calls the ObamaCare website “disastrous,” and falsely claims that Kirkpatrick was a “whistle-blower” for how bad HealthCare.gov is. That’s not even remotely close to accurate – Kirkpatrick voted for ObamaCare, and has been one of the law’s biggest defenders in Congress. She has no real intention of saving Arizonans from the ObamaCare train wreck.

So are Democrats finally admitting ObamaCare is a failure? Here are 10 tweets that perfectly explain just how damaging this new TV ad will be.