Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC Is Calling the ObamaCare Website ‘Disastrous’ In This New Arizona Ad

January 16, 2014

AnnKirkpatrickRemember when DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said all Democrats would run on ObamaCare?

Well, just a month later, Democrats are getting so desperate they’re already trying to put the genie back in the bottle – pretending to bash ObamaCare in the hope that voters will just forget that they actually voted for it.

Nancy Pelosi’s SuperPAC has taken to the airwaves to defend Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick.

The new ad slams the law. Umm… Only problem? Kirkpatrick voted for ObamaCare and continues to defend it to this very day.

If this is an early indication of how Democrats plan to run in 2014, they are in really big trouble.

Ann Kirkpatrick and other Democrats can’t go back in time. Kirkpatrick voted for ObamaCare and made the same broken promises as President Obama. Nothing says desperate like pretending to slam ObamaCare after their members spent years defending it.