Nancy Pelosi’s Super PACs Spending Tons of Cash on TV for Alex Sink

January 21, 2014

Well that didn’t take long!

Just last week we asked how many millions Washington Democrat Super PACs would be willing to spend in order to cover up Alex Sink’s support of Obamacare.

Looks like we are starting to see the answer as the panic is setting in and outside Democrat groups are throwing tons of cash at their biggest problem in this race – Alex Sink’s support of Obamacare.

Pinellas families deserve to know the truth but Alex Sink still refuses to answer for her support of this dysfunctional law. Instead, Sink continues to stand behind these outside attack dog groups that are more interested in playing politics than being honest.

Didn’t Sink just sign a pledge to put Pinellas over politics? Will she condemn these outside groups and ask them to stop?

NRCC Statement: “Alex Sink is willing to say and do anything in order to distract voters from learning about her support of Obamacare, which is already hurting Pinellas families and seniors. If Sink really wants to put Pinellas over politics, then it’s time for her to stop hiding behind Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat Super PACs and own up to her support of this devastating health care law.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Prill