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Vulnerable Democrat Doesn’t Know What’s Wrong With ObamaCare, Admits “Fundamentals Of The Law Are Good.”
NRCC | January 21, 2014

Over the weekend, Kyrsten Sinema, “one of the biggest supporters of the Affordable Care Act,” finally admitted that the ObamaCare website has serious problems that she is still trying to identify.

Still trying to identify? Seriously?

The White House handpicked Sinema to help craft ObamaCare. Then, she began selling the law to Arizonans almost four years ago.

Shouldn’t she have identified and fixed these problems back then? Before the law took effect?

And now, with her law in shambles and Arizonans facing higher premiums and canceled plans, she’s running as fast as she can from it.

It’s not going to work.

Everyone knows she led the fight in Arizona to pass this disastrous law and just a few weeks ago, she said “the fundamentals of the law are good.”

Give me a break.

NRCC COMMENT: “It’s ridiculous that Kyrsten Sinema still can’t figure out the problems with a law that she crafted and sold across the state. Why should Arizonans trust her to fix ObamaCare when it’s her fault that it’s there in the first place?” – Matt Gorman, NRCC Spokesman

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