New NRCC Ad “Blows the Whistle” on Ann Kirkpatrick’s Continued Support for ObamaCare

January 22, 2014

The NRCC is the latest up on the air in Arizona today, with a television ad “blowing the whistle” on Ann Kirkpatrick’s horrible record on ObamaCare.

Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC, House Majority PAC, last week tried to trick Arizonans into believing Kirkpatrick “blew the whistle” on the disastrous ObamaCare website.

Both the Arizona Republic and called them out for the misleading ad – blowing the whistle on Kirkpatrick, you might say.

Fact is, Kirkpatrick has been one of ObamaCare’s biggest supporters in Arizona – voting against bipartisan measures to fix the law and provide transparency.

As today’s ad buy proves, Kirkpatrick and her allies won’t get away with telling Arizonans otherwise.

Kirkpatrick’s record is crystal clear. Kirkpatrick voted for ObamaCare and has voted to protect ObamaCare.

Ann Kirkpatrick is the problem.