Unions Just Wrote A Letter To Pelosi Saying ObamaCare Won’t Let Them Keep Their Plans & Will ‘Cut Living Standards’ for The Middle Class

January 29, 2014

Leaders of two labor unions, the Laborers’ International Union of North America and UniteHere, just wrote an angry letter to Senator Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi about ObamaCare.

It looks like between Obama’s “you can keep it” lie, the skyrocketing costs of premiums, and all of the law’s employer mandates, labor unions are starting to realize that ObamaCare isn’t a great deal for American workers.

“Once we realized the ACA would not let us keep the health care we had, we spent three years presenting the Administration with reasonable fixes to the ACA’s problems. All of them were rejected,” the letter, signed by the unions’ presidents, reads.

“The ACA, as implemented, undermines fair marketplace competition in the health care industry,” they write. “The temptation for employers to drop overage that we were promised we could keep will be overwhelming.”

“We have examined various health exchanges and should members be forced to purchase insurance on an exchange, their out of pocket costs are likely to be significant…it would be a sad irony indeed if the signature legislative accomplishment of an Administration committed to reducing income inequality cut living standards for middle income and low wage workers.”

Read the whole letter here.