Another “Glitch”: One Man’s Personal Information Compromised After Signing Up For ObamaCare

February 5, 2014

The ObamaCare website is at the center of controversy yet again. A Virginia man is alleging that after signing up for ObamaCare on, his sensitive and personal information was hacked.

Rich Guillory started receiving phone calls the day after he signed up for ObamaCare from someone claiming they could help him with his insurance.

The calls kept coming, but from two different numbers. When Guillory finally called back, the woman on the other end said she didn’t know what he was referring to.

Guillory then called officials to address the potential threat to his identity. A local news station, WVEC-VA was present when Guillory made the call.

“There is a possibility that someone got my information from your website,” he said. They knew my name and they had my number.”

Guillory also told the TV station that the hacker had access to his address and social security number. has still not fixed many of the “glitches” that consumers face as they log on to sign up, and Americans don’t know whether they can even trust the site with information as sensitive as their health records. What’s even more troubling is that Democrats continue to stand by a law that fails to protect the privacy of its citizens.

From Capital City Project via Drudge Report:

A Virginia man’s personal information has been stolen after he signed up for Obamacare on the website. Now, he’s questioning if the website is the reason why.

“There’s a possibility someone got my personal information from your website,” Virginia Beach resident Rich Guillory said in a video shot by WVEC-VA while speaking on the phone. “They knew my name and they had my number” — along with his address and social security number as well.