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This Person Has Been Unsuccessfully Trying To Sign Up For ObamaCare Since November!
NRCC | February 7, 2014

According to the Weekly Standard, at least one person in America is still struggling to purchase health insurance for him and his family through the ObamaCare website.

Ike Brannon from D.C. attempted to sign up his family of 4 for health care on the D.C. ObamaCare site in early November.

The website was so ridden with glitches that he was unable to submit even just their names and social security numbers until after Thanksgiving, despite daily attempts to do so.

He then uploaded more information to the site (after a series of crashes) and was told that his information would be verified soon.

It wasn’t until January 14 that the DC ObamaCare site got in touch with Brannon, and told him that his information had been processed and sent to the insurance company.

Turns out that his insurance company had not actually received the information, and the situation has yet to be resolved.

Big government incompetence is becoming the trademark of ObamaCare.

From the Weekly Standard:

Despite my earnest intentions, my family and I are still not covered on the Washington, D.C. Obamacare exchange. I am beginning to despair that I will ever obtain insurance from the exchange.

Finally, after Thanksgiving, my name, ID, and family information were on file and I could proceed. I had to answer further questions about my family and then submit several pieces of evidence to show that I was, in fact, a D.C. resident, that my children did exist, and that my wife (a foreign national) was a legal resident. 

I submitted that information, although the first 3 or 4 times the web page crashed and wouldn’t let me upload anything. Finally, however, I got my documents into the system and I was told they’d be verified soon and after that I’d be allowed to buy insurance.

Three weeks go by and I hear nothing, and when I log in to the exchange website it merely informs me that my information will soon be verified. I began calling the Health Link, who merely told me that they’re a little behind on the verifying but that they’d do it before January 1. 

My facilitator and I again call regularly, to no avail, until I received a message on my answering machine on January 14 from D.C. Health Link: they have processed my information and I just need to call Carefirst by 6 p.m. the next day and I’ll be set. 

So I call, and hold for an hour 45 minutes, and talk to a Carefirst agent, who informs me that D.C. Health Link had not, in fact, sent over the appropriate information, and that I was out of luck for January. 

On January 31, my broker/facilitator gives me the name of the supervisor she has talked to. I email her, and she says they sent over the information–on January 14. Carefirst has such a long wait time over the phone I am kicked off the circuit and told to call back Monday. 

If this is resolved by February 15 they tell me I will be covered for the month: that seems to me to be a sucker’s bet. 

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