This New Poll Is Bad News For Obama’s Attempt To Bypass Congress

February 13, 2014

A new Fox News poll out this week should pour cold water over President Obama’s attempts to take action on key issues “with or without Congress.”

60% of voters said that they disapproved of President Obama going around Congress by using executive orders.

An even higher 74% said that government is not supposed to work by executive orders around Congress.

President Obama’s power-grab isn’t the only issue receiving low marks from voters. When asked to give the president a grade on his job improving the economy, a plurality – 24% – gave him an F. 14% gave him a D, and 22% gave him a C. Just 9% say the president deserves an A.

Not only are an overwhelming majority of the voters clearly opposed to President Obama’s executive overreach and attempts to ignore Congress, but they recognize the White House’s failure to help grow the economy and create jobs. It’s time to start working with Congress on a pro-growth agenda, Mr. President, not ignore it.

From Fox News:

When President Barack Obama took an unplanned stop on the tour of Thomas Jefferson’s home Monday, he joked to French President Francois Hollande, “That’s the good thing as a president — I can do whatever I want.”  The remark made headlines because Obama’s critics have long said he acts like he really believes that. 

Americans say not so fast, Mr. President. 

According to a just-released Fox News national poll, most voters don’t think the country’s system of government was designed for the president to act unilaterally, and a majority disapproves of Obama bypassing Congress. 

The new poll finds that 74 percent think the president using executive orders to get around Congress is not how things are supposed to work in our country.  That includes 54 percent of Democrats. 

Large majorities of independents (80 percent) and Republicans (93 percent) believe it goes against our system for the president to act independently to advance his policies.