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Obama Tells Young Americans That Buying Into ObamaCare Is A “Part Of Growing Up”
NRCC | February 18, 2014

President Obama on Sunday night, in an interview with former NBA star Charles Barkley, told young people that signing up for ObamaCare is “just part of growing up.”

Young Americans are avoiding the law. A January report confirmed that as little as 24% of all ObamaCare enrollees are under the age of 35, which Kaiser identified as a “worst-case scenario.” Young Americans realize that ObamaCare isn’t offering them a fair deal – ObamaCare has raised the price of their health insurance by nearly double, while taking away their preferred doctors and putting government in charge of their health care choices.

Mr. President, instead of lecturing young Americans, it’s time to start facing reality and admit that ObamaCare isn’t giving us a good deal. “Growing up” shouldn’t have to include paying more out-of-pocket for less quality. Americans should look forward to a future where they, not government, are in charge of their health care decisions.

Watch the interview:

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