Democrats Are Now Entering the Third “Bargaining” Stage Of ObamaCare Grief

February 19, 2014

House Democrats are going through the ObamaCare grieving process.

First, House Democrats were in denial that anything was wrong with ObamaCare. Then, they blamed Republicans for somehow being responsible for the disastrous law. Now, according to National Journal, Democrats are entering the third bargaining stage of grief, betting that by pretending they want to “fix” the law, ObamaCare won’t be a liability for them in 2014.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Democrats have proven time and again that they will say whatever they need to convince the voters they want to “fix” the law. But as millions of Americans begin to see the effects that ObamaCare is having on their families, it gets harder to hide – and in the end, when Nancy Pelosi is watching, House Democrats will always vote to preserve and protect the law.

As National Journal writes, “Democrats are now in the bargaining stage of Obamacare grief, but it’s shaping up as a prelude to a November depression.”

From National Journal:

The main reason 2014 is different than 2012 isn’t the quality of the messaging. It’s that the law is now a reality affecting millions of Americans—and more don’t like the changes. The most important test on the ultimate success of the health care law will be whether voters think they’re getting a better deal out of the law than not. And all available evidence, from polling to the government’s cherry-picked enrollment data, suggests that supporters face a tough challenge making the sell.

All signs point to Republicans having a fruitful Election Day running against the president’s health care law. The Senate map is expanding to states like Michigan, Iowa, and Virginia, while senators are losing traction in the red-state seats Democrats need to defend. It may be news that Democrats are doing what they can to mitigate the law’s political damage, but it doesn’t mean that those efforts will be able to stop the bleeding.

Democrats are now in the bargaining stage of Obamacare grief, but it’s shaping up as a prelude to a November depression.