Even VP Joe Biden Doesn’t Have High Expectations for ObamaCare

February 20, 2014

It appears Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t have too high of expectations for the Administration’s goal of 7 million ObamaCare signups by the end of March. At a stop in Minneapolis on Wednesday, Biden spoke candidly about the failed rollout, downplaying enrollment figures.

“Initially we talked about, by the end of this period, having 7 million people lined up. We may not get to seven [million], but we’re going to get to five or six [million],” Biden said with CBS cameras nearby.

Looks like this is just yet another ObamaCare stage of grief. The Obama Administration must have realized that they’re unable to meet this goal, and their new strategy is to lower the bar so they won’t be disappointed with even more abysmal enrollment numbers.

From Washington Free Beacon:

Vice President admitted that the Obama administration will likely fall short of their anticipated Obamacare enrollment goal, but called the enrollment failure “a helluva start.”

He said the glitch ridden Obamacare website is to blame for low enrollment numbers.