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Watch this Democrat Candidate for Congress Declare an “Obama Dynasty”
NRCC | February 20, 2014

Take this, um, interesting video of Democrat candidate for Congress Domenic Recchia (NY-11) calling for a “Barack Obama dynasty.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to know what Recchia is talking about. Does he want to amend the Constitution to allow Obama to continue to serve at his will? Is Recchia hoping Michelle Obama runs in 2016? Does this mean that Recchia fully supports all of Obama’s policies, including Obamacare?

NRCC Comment: “While most Democrats across the country are trying to distance themselves from Barack Obama, it looks like Domenic Recchia is going to have a hard time doing that with a video out there of Recchia calling for a ‘Barack Obama dynasty.’ Given the problem Democrats had actually reading Obamacare before it was passed, it’s certainly understandable that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee would recruit someone who hasn’t read the Constitution.”  – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior

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