This NH Democrat Voted Against Delaying ObamaCare, Then Lied & Said She Did

February 24, 2014


To say that Annie Kuster’s first term in Congress has been a disaster would be a drastic understatement. The only question really was how Kuster would follow up getting caught not paying her taxes, walking off camera during an interview, and being unwilling and incapable of answering questions about Benghazi. Well, it looks like we have our answer – lying about her voting record.

Last week, Kuster appeared on New Hampshire Public Radio’s “The Exchange” program and claimed that she supported the delay of the employer mandate.

The problem? As the Union Leader reports, Kuster voted against delaying the employer mandate in July of 2013. When pressed by the Union Leader to explain the inconsistency, Kuster’s spokesperson did not answer the question and immediately shifted to generic talking points sanitized by the DCCC.

So Annie Kuster is either lying about her voting record or she has absolutely no idea what she is voting for or against.

Given what we have seen from Kuster so far, would either option surprise you?

 NRCC Comment: “Annie Kuster has been a disaster since being sworn into Congress. Whether she is not paying her taxes, not answering question about Benghazi, or now lying about her own voting record, it’s clearly time for Kuster to engage in some self-reflection and re-evaluate how she comports herself as a Congresswoman. Granite Staters certainly deserve better and more honest representation that what Kuster has been providing.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior