Democrat Whip to Democrats: “You’re Not Going to Hide” from ObamaCare

February 24, 2014

Make It In AmericaDemocrat House Whip Steny Hoyer – Nancy Pelosi’s right-hand man – was in Arizona last week fundraising for Democrats, and according to the Arizona Republic, he offered this advice to his fellow Democrats running for reelection in tough races:

“The Affordable Care Act is ours,” Hoyer said when asked what advice he’d give to potentially vulnerable House Democrats grappling with the issue in the midterm elections. “You’re not going to hide. You’re not going to duck. It is ours. We promoted it. We believe in it. Sell it…”

Hoyer is right. Democrats won’t be able to hide from ObamaCare. They voted for it, and they keep voting to protect it.

Only problem for them is, Americans aren’t buying what Hoyer and his fellow Dems are selling.