7 Reasons Why House Republicans Will Fight President Obama’s Budget (As Told By Titanic Sinking GIFs)

March 4, 2014

President Obama and the White House today unveiled his FY2015 budget proposal to Congress – a month late.

Regardless of the timeliness, President Obama’s budget proposal puts America’s families on the wrong track, and burdens our economy with taxes and deficits while ignoring the real debt crisis facing our country.

Here are 7 reasons why President Obama’s budget puts the United States on the wrong track, and why House Republicans will fight it – as told by 7 GIFs of the Titanic sinking.

(H/T to the Senate and House Budget Committee Republican Analysis.)

1. The President’s budget increases spending by $791 billion over ten years, and by an additional $56 billion in 2015 alone


 2. President Obama’s budget increases total spending by 63% from today’s levels over the next 10 years.


 3. His budget never balances. Ever. 


 4. President Obama’s budget will add $8.3 trillion to the debt over the next decade. 


 5. Interest costs on the debt under President Obama’s budget would rise to $812 billion by 2024. 


 6. President Obama’s budget increases taxes by $1.8 trillion…


 7. …and half of that would go to finance NEW spending rather than deficit reduction.