Is this New York Democrat’s silence an admission of guilt?

March 4, 2014


Why won’t Martha Robertson come clean about the fraudulent email she sent in September that raised thousands of dollars?

It’s a good question and one that Legal Insurrection asks here in light of the recent Board of Elections complaint against Robertson (as well as the request for an FBI investigation into potential federal wire fraud in October).

One possible answer is that she actually realizes that her fraudulent fundraising game constituted a violation of election law and federal criminal law.

So maybe she is “remaining silent” so she doesn’t accidentally incriminate herself.

What else can one assume when you look at how her campaign completely refuses to cooperate with the Buffalo News in Sunday’s story?

NRCC Comment: “Martha Robertson’s refusal to answer questions about her fraudulent fundraising tactics is only further cementing suspicions that she violated state and federal law. Robertson needs to stop hiding behind her campaign spokesperson and have an honest conversation with the voters about why her campaign would deceive her own supporters for money.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior