This Texas Hospital Is Laying Off Nurses Because of ObamaCare

March 6, 2014

Hamlin Memorial Hospital in Hamlin, Texas is being forced to cut six nursing positions from their staff due to low reimbursement rates under President Obama’s health care law.

Keith Butler, a worker at the hospital, told local TV station KTAB-TX, the layoffs “hurt the hospital tremendously.” The cuts will also harm the local community, which relies on the services of the emergency room at Hamlin Memorial for their care. 

These latest layoffs prove that ObamaCare continues to wreak havoc on both jobs and the quality of care that patients receive across the nation.

From Washington Free Beacon:

A Texas hospital is being forced to fire nurses because of the harmful effects of Obamacare.

Hamlin Memorial Hospital let six nurses from the Support Services department go, citing low reimbursement rates, a new change imposed on hospitals by Obamacare.

The hospital expects to save around $400,000 a year by not having the nurses on staff anymore and eliminating overtime and schedule changes and making other cutbacks.