This Democrat Running for Congress Won’t Talk About Biggest Job Killer in His District

March 13, 2014

Med Dev

Aaron Woolf finally ended his month long silence and said . . . nothing. Oh sure, he talked about how jobs and the economy are important, but did he really need a month to figure that out?

Even more interesting was his regurgitated DCCC language on Obamacare that made him sound like Fl-13 loser Alex Sink.

Note that Woolf didn’t say a word about the piece of Obamacare that is costing jobs throughout America and especially in places like the North Country – THE MEDICAL DEVICE TAX.

That tax has cost one Glen Falls medical device maker over $2.5 million and impacts thousands of jobs throughout the North Country. But Aaron Woolf didn’t even mention it.

NRCC Comment: “Aaron Woolf claims he spent a month ‘learning the issues,’ but in his first time talking about those issues he regurgitated failed DCCC talking points and neglected to even mention his position on the job killing medical device tax. Woolf needs to stop hiding behind boilerplate Washington D.C. slogans and explain why he would keep Obamacare and its medical device tax in place.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior