Nancy Pelosi Finds Alex Sink 2.0 in New York’s 21st District

March 13, 2014


So the DCCC has apparently found the rock Aaron Woolf was hiding under and added him to its “Emerging Races” program. This makes perfect sense – after all, Woolf has a lot in common with Alex Sink, the DCCC’s handpicked candidate that failed in the special election in Florida’s 13th District. Let’s take a look at those similarities.

Both NY-21 and FL-13 are Republican leaning districts. Both Woolf and Sink aren’t from the district they want to represent. Neither candidate likes to talk about issues so both hide from the media. And of course, they both support Obamacare despite its devastating impacts on their district.

So all we have to say to the DCCC for getting on board the Woolf train is – thank you very much!

NRCC Comment: “Aaron Woolf clearly fits the mold for Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He isn’t from his district, hasn’t been to the biggest city in his district, doesn’t like to talk issues, hides from the media because he’s a ‘press release kind of guy,’ and supports Obamacare. Sounds like the last kind of Congressman that North Country families need or want.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior